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Q: Are you really a couple?

A: Yup.

Q Really?

A: Really really.

Q: Wow. How do you manage to work together?

A: We suffer from similar stupidity.

Q: Did you guys meet through advertising?

A: Yes, but with a little help from facebook.

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A: About 9 years-ish each.

Q: What clients have you created work for?

A: To name a few: Mazda, Ford, Volvo, Google, Axe, Heinz, Dove, Wrigley's, Opel, Elite coffee, El-Al, Yes, Hish-Gad lottery, Leumi bank, Hapoalim bank, Huggies, Bosch, Isracard, Oreo, Partner, Danone, Tnuva and many more.

Q: What are your specializations?

A: You name it. Scripts, activation campaigns, PR ideas, digital campaigns, print, outdoor, radio, BTL, content writing, names & slogans, presentations and branding.

Q: Do you also offer provide services in English?

A: Yup. We're both native speakers who gru up in the USA.

Q: Do you know you mispelled "grew"?

A: Do you know you misspelled "misspelled"?

Q: We should probably end this now.

A: Yup.

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